hello, my name is andi

good hearted woman is a solo, small batch stoneware act by me, andi. every product that leaves the studio is hand-thrown, hand-carved, and hand-glazed. preserving imperfections from human touch are intentional, this is where art and beauty collide.  
Next question.
"Yes, you in back"
person in the back "What's your second and last hope on earth?" 
Thats easy, to create pieces you and your family want to reach for daily, this is the goal anyway. Plates that make your dinner feel special on a Tuesday or a mug that might cause a morning fight between you and your partner because they set a secret alarm to wake up early to get it first.
Long story short, I hope to create pretty and functional pieces you love and if they cause a wrestling match along the way, great!…my advice though…always default to buying two. Problem solved.
x andi